The SERGA insemination centre distributes sperm doses in Spain since 1994 and offers a wide range of related services.

The best bucks of each line are selected by strict genetic and health controls and they are placed in production in our insemination centre.

We offer sperm doses from 4 different genetic lines: 2 meat lines and 2 maternal lines.

Sperm doses and formats

We provide sperm doses in various presentations:

– Pool: in a graduated container with several formats.

– Pool with ovulator (MRA-Bit system): they include the ovulator with the same formats.

– Single doses: prefilled and gelled individual cannulas, easy to apply.

What do you need to know about the sperm doses?

In the SERGA facilities, all the sperm doses produced go through exhaustive controls, to guarantee a top-quality product to our clients. Therefore, we obtain better parameters than the ones established as correct on abnormal sperm, cytoplasmic droplet and acrosomy.

R Buck

Black Distal areas (ears, tail…), sometimes all white.

Adult weight: 6,5 – 8 kg.

Excellent conformation.

Offspring performance:

Age of slaughter:

At 63 days 2.26 – 2.39 kg.

Average Daily Gain (ADG) greater than 40/50 gr.

Excellent conversion rate in food.

Homogeneity for sale.

Dressing percentage: 57 to 60% (depending on age at the time of slaughter).

Rendimiento de la canal: 57 a 60% (dependiendo de la edad al momento del sacrificio)



C Buck

Dark or two-coloured coat.

Adult weight: 6,5 – 7,8 kg.

100% homozygote.

Offspring performance:

Age of slaughter:

At 63 days 2.24 – 2.40 kg.

Average Daily Gain (ADG) greater than 42/54 gr.

100% coloured kitten.

Less than 15% black rabbits.

Used in order to produce a different type of rabbit.



GP buck, LP grandparent

Selected mainly according to these criteria:

Longevity and robustness (resistance to environment stress, pathological stress, …)

Maternal qualities:

Over 76% with 10 functional nipples.

Homogeneity of weaned rabbits.

GP buck, V grandfather

Selected mainly according to these criteria:

Number of weaned rabbits.

Maternal aptitude.

Breastfeeding start.

Two ways of working together: delivery of sperm doses or application in the farm

For the convenience of our clients, at SERGA we adapt to all needs: we can deliver the sperm doses for an own application, or we can go to the farm and apply them ourselves.

Considerations before deciding on one option or another:

  • On the one hand, the process of applying sperm doses is delicate and susceptible to errors, such as mistakes in putting the photoperiod, inappropriate manipulations, application of the hormone and even bad techniques in the application of sperm doses.
  • On the other hand, the optimum choice is that the farmer knows how to apply the sperm doses perfectly. So, depending on the farm, its workforce, level of care with the applicators, etc. each farm can decide how to work with SERGA.
  • In some cases, the sperm doses must be applied by specialized staff, since other factors are valued in addition to the application itself.

In case of hesitation between one or another option, contact SERGA: we will be glad to advise you.


Required doses, storage, handling and quality control

We offer sperm doses, its application in the rabbit farm and all the advice in this field, to guarantee production and efficiency.

Shipments of sperm doses are made throughout Spain and to foreign countries. Ask SERGA for the specific conditions for each destination.

The shipment of sperm doses is made daily from Tuesday to Saturday by urgent transport courier (NACEX or MRW type). You will be able to pick it up at 8 am at the agency or around 10 am at your own rabbit farm.

Our sperm doses go through exhaustive quality controls that guarantee that their features and efficiency are greater than those considered adequate. Also, the shipping boxes are prepared so that you receive the product in perfect conditions.


And further information about the sperm doses

Our goal is to provide a fast, close and quality service so that each client is a friend, and we achieve this by working as a team, with knowledge, experience and great enthusiasm.

We offer up to 16 different sperm dose presentations to adapt to the needs of our clients, currently surpassing half a million doses per year.

Do not hesitate to contact SERGA to place your sperm dose order.


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