New installations

Betting on innovation

At SERGA, S.L we are committed to innovation in rabbit farming, with the support of the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia). We have improved the environment of our rooms, the comfort of the animals, and a demanding selection using more rustic genetic lines (Productive Longevity of the UPV).

New breeding module

We have incorporated a new breeding module into our genetic improvement program, where rabbits belonging to heavy strains are housed.

The room is made up of special lodgings for breeding rabbits. Habitats that are 50 cm wide, 60 cm high, and 1 meter deep. They have a ledge with built-in relax footrest.

In them the rabbits can perch on their hind legs and get up, as well as make use of the ledge.

jaulas nuevas instalaciones
gazapos bicolor
nuevas instalaciones

Heavy stock lodging

The new module houses animals belonging to the R + line, characterized by a high growth rate, white in color and black distal areas (some specimens are totally white).

The C + line is characterized by having a blackeye color, both the reproducers and the males, it is homozygous (100% of its offspring are colored). Blue-eyed specimens and two-color specimens may appear, increasingly common in the facilities.

Two-color specimens are an advantage, since they allow working with black-eyed kits more comfortably.

bicolor gazapos

Profile of the animals

The product resulting from these lines is intended for the sale of terminal males to insemination centers or farmers who carry out their own seminal doses. Animals that offer very high growth profiles, good behavior, high sperm production (some stallions exceed 700 million per ejaculate) and very good semen quality.

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