SERGA offers a wide range of products to help you improve the performance of your rabbit breeding farm. We provide 9- and 13-weeks old breeding rabbits, and 1-day old kitten. The easiest, most reliable and cost-effective way to introduce genetic improvement in your rabbit breeding farm.

Line selection

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia has been working on rabbit genetics since 1978, and its great offer in maternal lines is unique in the world, as well as its great specialization on meat lines. Our work line has the same spirit that has been instilled to us since our beginnings in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, providing a very economical, professional and specialized offer to professional rabbit breeders.

Cross-bred or parent does

They are the result from the cross between two independent mother lines, and therefore we obtain the heterosis effect and the best qualities from both.

The selection work that has been carried out over 40 years has allowed us to offer does with the best commitment on sanitary qualities, performance and safety.


Age at first breeding > 19 weeks

Weight at first breeding > 3.6 Kg

Adult weight 4.2 Kg

Born alive / labour 10.7

Weaning 9.6

Fattening viability 96 %

Consumption rate 3.1



Selected mainly upon these criteria:

  • Size of the litter when weaned.
  • Longevity.
  • Ease when in labour.

Commitment to quality, commitment to you

In the SERGA selection farm we offer breeders from several genetic lines and crosses, with an offer that exceeds 30,000 does per year.

This is achieved thanks to our 10 workers who are specialized in cuniculture, to offer a top-quality service and product to our clients.

Our suggestion: having a yearly replacement plan

It is vitally important to have a yearly replacement plan and respect it whenever possible. By this, we achieve efficiency in production and a decrease in the urgent orders of breeders. Its consequences in the medium term include having a remarkable productive improvement in your rabbit breeding farm.

Orders and further information

For personalized advice, questions and orders, do not hesitate to contact SERGA, we will be happy to assist you.


We send breeders to your rabbit breeding farm with all the quality, transport and safety guarantees, to ensure that they arrive in perfect conditions.

Shipments of breeders are made throughout Spain and to foreign countries. Ask SERGA for the specific conditions for each destination.

Depending on the location of your rabbit breeding farm, we can transport them ourselves to the destination farm. We have a transport team, perfectly prepared to handle it.

The breeding rabbits can also be sent in a 1 day trip (at the age of 4 to 10 days old) through an express agency and with a special packaging, and the breeding rabbits that are 9 weeks old can also be sent in small amounts.

In any case, in less than 24 hours they will safely reach the destination rabbit farm.

Breeding rabbits can also be sent by plane, safely and with guarantees, from the age of 1 week old.


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