The advance of genetics together with the UPV allows us to guarantee birth, growth, purity, resistance and, ultimately, efficiency.

In 1976, more than four decades ago, we began our genetic selection in rabbit breeding, when the ICTA of Universidad Politécnica de Valencia started to work on the first selected lines of rabbits.

More than 20 years of genetic improvement

In 1994, SERGA Servicios Ganaderos was created and, since then, it has been spreading genetics throughout Spain. Already in 2002, together with UPV, we created the first breeding farm, later in 2008 the selection of the genetic line “H” or Hyperprolific was created, but it was not until 2012, when, again together with UPV, we focused all our efforts on getting individuals selected through very different features:



The “LP” line (long-lived productive rabbit line) is selected according to resistance “robustness”, and has a very high productivity, inheritable features for the maternal lines. This has allowed us to work with “zero” antimicrobials in all diets of our centres.

There has been an improvement on the growth speed for both meat lines and terminals, with an excellent conformation of the carcass to obtain a better yield to the carcass of the rabbits, as well as a genetic selection based on the feeding efficiency of the rabbits. Therefore, as we improve the speed of growth, we will improve the feed conversion rate in the farm at the same time.


The confluence of our lines through a traditional genetic crossing in three ways allows us to ensure that, using our lines, the cost-benefit ratio will be optimized to the most, thus improving the efficiency of the livestock farm.

Current genetic lines in SERGA

The lines that are currently being used in SERGA are:

  • “V” Verde, maternal line, as a Grandparent.
  • “LP” Long-lived productive line, as Grandmother.
  • “R” Rosa or meat, as Terminal.
  • “C” Color, as Terminal with black eyes.

At SERGA we always select the best individuals of each line, in order to improve the production performance and offer high quality both in livestock and in rabbits for meat or breeding rabbits (white or brown).

Do not hesitate to check out the UPV website for further information on rabbit genetics:



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