Breeding rabbits for sale, sperm doses for rabbit insemination and cuniculture business plans and advice

SERGA’s broad experience in the cuniculture field allows us to offer tailormade services for each rabbit breeder farm, focusing our support on the following services:

  • Rabbit insemination in farms: our expert team provides the application of rabbit sperm doses in farms.
  • Shipping of our products by express courier: Spain national delivery and shipments in less than 24 hours, of breeding rabbits and sperm doses.
  • Own distribution: we have vehicles that have been designed for the transport of livestock by road, thus ensuring that the rabbits arrive in perfect conditions to their destination rabbit breeding farm.
  • Advice on breeding: to improve the rabbits’ breeding processes and solve problems related to them.
  • Technical advice on rabbit breeding: to improve the rabbit breeding farm and make it more successful and profitable.
  • Engineering services: we can help you in the drafting of technical construction projects, or tailormade projects / reports for different areas of the cuniculture business plan.

We can send breeding rabbits to your rabbit farm with all the guarantees of quality, transport and security, to make sure that they arrive in perfect conditions.

Shipments of breeding rabbits are made throughout Spain and to foreign countries. Ask SERGA for the specific conditions for each destination.

Depending on the location of your rabbit breeding farm, we can transport the rabbits to the destination farm. Our transportation team is perfectly prepared and will handle it.

The breeding rabbits can also be sent in a 1 day trip (at the age of 4 to 10 days old) through the MRW agency and with a special packaging, and the breeding rabbits that are 9 weeks old can also be sent in small amounts.

In any case, in less than 24 hours they will safely reach the destination rabbit farm.

Breeding rabbits can also be sent by plane, safely and with guarantees, from the age of 1 week old.


Required doses, storage, handling and quality control

We offer sperm doses, its application in the rabbit farm and all the advice in this field to guarantee production and efficiency.

Shipments of sperm doses are made throughout Spain and to foreign countries. Ask SERGA for the specific conditions for each destination.

The shipment of sperm doses is made daily from Tuesday to Saturday by urgent transport courier (NACEX or MRW type). You will be able to pick it up at 8 am at your local agency or around 10 am at your own rabbit farm.

Our sperm doses go through exhaustive quality controls to guarantee that their features and efficiency are higher than the standards. Also, the shipping boxes are prepared so that you receive the product in perfect conditions.


business plans

Are you considering creating a rabbit breeding farm for meat? If you require a complete project or some advice about it, in SERGA we can analyse and prepare everything needed for the start-up of your rabbit breeding farm for meat and therefore ensure it becomes productive and successful.

Cuniculture: when experience, genetics and technology go hand in hand

It must be considered that the future rabbit farms for meat include elements that guarantee their meat production profitability (given their size and figures), such as safe depopulation, abundant replenishment and state of the art genetic features.

Tailormade cuniculture business plans and advice

Contact SERGA for further information on how to obtain greater productivity when working with breeding rabbits and sperm doses with genetic and health improvements.

Monitoring of your cuniculture business and performance analysis

Whether you are already working on your own rabbit breeding farm for meat or have a business plan to create a new one, SERGA can track your project every year and provide advice about it.

At this point we highlight the importance of genetic selection for a good performance of the rabbit breeding farm for meat, since an optimal performance can increase the production figures up to a 30 %.


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