About us

The reasons for our success: a product of maximum genetic and sanitary quality, a specialized technical service, a shoulder-to-shoulder work with the farmer and a very close team allow us to have the peace of mind of a well-done job.

Join us and we will grow together.

———– 1994

SERGA, Servicios Ganaderos, S.L. was born and opened its first insemination centre, located in the town of Vallada, Valencia. It was the beginning of a long path.

———— 2002

The first breeding farm opened, located in our current village, Aras de los Olmos (Valencia).

———— 2007

The new insemination centre opened.

———— 2008

Genetic selection line: Hyperprolific or “H”.

———— 2012

Genetic selection line: long-lived productive line or “LP”.

———— 2015

Extension of the breeding farm.

———— 2018

New selection cores: R and C lines.


We have a great team of professionals who work with enthusiasm every day to offer a product with the highest guarantee possible to rabbit breeders. Our team is made up of various specialists who offer a biosafety and quality product.


technology and professionalism for a maximum efficiency

The selection / breeding

The selection / breeding farm «Los pedregales», in Aras de los Olmos (Valencia) is where we have 400 females of the LP line selection (long-lived productive line), and 1100 grandmothers of the LP line (long-lived productive line), from which crossed females are obtained for rabbit selling farms.

The selection farm

The selection farm «El carrascalejo» in Aras de los Olmos (Valencia) houses 600 selection does, and several projects are developed here, such as genetic selection for food efficiency in heavy lines.

The artificial insemination centre

The artificial insemination centre «SERGA, S.L.» in Aras de los Olmos (Valencia) is where our clients’ farms are supplied from. This centre has the greatest diversity of products, because here seminal doses are generated in 6 different presentations and 4 different genetic lines.

Two work lines with Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

We are currently working side by side with Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in two work lines, which are explained below.


Goals to improve maternal lines

The ICTA will initiate an investigation to determine the microbial composition of the intestinal flora of its LP and V lines, one long-productive and the other especially productive. There will also be a study comparing the flora of does who did not go beyond the first labour with especially long-lived does.

The goal is to determine a selection criterion for the LP line, related to robustness and longevity.

Creation of a new line, selected according to food efficiency

We are working on the constitution of a new line that will be selected according to food efficiency. Individual feed consumption and growth will be measured to select the most effective individuals with the highest growth rate.

The purpose of this line is to be transferred to the insemination centres, for selling use as terminal bucks.

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